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Allison Transmission Spares

Welcome to Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s Allison Transmission Overhauling Services! Being the go-to professionals for any and all Allison Transmission needs makes us proud. In addition to overhauling, we also provide premium Allison Transmission spares as part of our wide variety of services. We promise excellent servicing that will keep your cars operating smoothly thanks to our cutting-edge facilities and skilled professionals. We are aware of how crucial accuracy and focus are when it comes to revamping. After carefully disassembling and inspecting every element of your Allison Transmission, our knowledgeable staff replaces any worn-out or damaged components with authentic Allison Transmission spares. Everything you need is available right here in Chennai, including gaskets, seals, bearings, and clutches.

Serving the entire state of Tamil Nadu, not just the city, is something we are really proud of. Our dedication to quality is constant in every project we work on, regardless of the size of your fleet or single truck. You may be confident that only genuine and trustworthy products will be utilized during the overhaul process because we are authorized dealers for Allison Transmission spares in Tamil Nadu. Customer satisfaction is the first priority in everything we do at our Chennai plant. We aim for rapid turnaround times without sacrificing high-caliber workmanship because of this. Furthermore, our helpful staff is there to help you with any questions or issues you may have with your transmission system. Therefore, whether you need authentic spare parts or are searching for dependable and expert services pertaining to Allison Transmissions.

With a dedicated crew of Managers, Supervisors, Operators and Technicians we offer 24 x7 service with quality rental equipment.

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The company is based in Chennai and has fully functional stores, a workshop, and testing facilities for hydraulic components, including steering systems, pumps, control valves, hydraulic cylinders, and hose fabrication.


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